[33] Howe's outro guitar solo was more improvised and jazz-oriented at first, but the rest of the group felt dissatisfied with the arrangement. Is the movement really light, And I heard a million voices singing To you, show all we feel for and know of, cast round, Coloured in pastures of chance dancing leaves cast spells of challenge, The album reached #1 in the UK. Along without you Gunes, Grian The album has been remixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound from the original multi-track tapes and approved by YES. After speaking openly amongst themselves, it became obvious that it wasn’t just Rick who had not enjoyed performing Topographic Oceans on tour, but also Chris. [41], On 8 November 1973, Tales from Topographic Oceans was set to be played on Radio Luxembourg by host David Jensen,[42] but according to Anderson, the radio station somehow received blank tapes, resulting in dead air after the album was introduced. With the idea in mind Anderson found himself "caught up in a lengthy footnote" in Autobiography of a Yogi (1946) by Indian yogi and guru Paramahansa Yogananda which described four bodies of Hindu texts, named shastras,[2] that Yogananda described as "comprehensive treatises [that cover] every aspect of religious and social life, and the fields of law, medicine, architecture, art..." that "convey profound truths under a veil of detailed symbolism". And I just can’t believe our song will leave you Then, in February, YES began their Spring North American tour. Steven Wilson has produced the new mixes with the approval of the band. A stunning album, light years ahead of its time, it is full of contrasts and a huge diversity of arrangements and styles: from simple acoustic sounds to the all-out, fast and furious guitar and keyboard runs, from ancient rhythms to eerie, esoteric lyrics and noises, all engineered to form a unique musical adventure. I didn’t enjoy Tales from Topographic Oceans, so I finished out the European tour we were doing and left…‘. Its liner notes feature a short summary written by Anderson of how the album's concept is expressed in a musical sense. [48], The album received a divided reception from music critics. – Ritual (Live, Zurich, April 1974) Course the compass to offer into a time we’ve all seen on However, when Atlantic first listened to it, the mood was one of sheer incredulity – only four tracks on a double album was unheard of at that time. [15], Phil Carson, then the London Senior Vice President of Atlantic Records, remembered that, during a dinner with Anderson and Nesuhi Ertegun, Anderson was originally going to name the album Tales from Tobographic Oceans and claimed he invented the word "tobographic", a word that summarised one of Fred Hoyle's theories of space. I love my dreams very much. Side one was the most commercial or easy-listening side of Topographic Oceans, side two was a much lighter, folky side of Yes, side three was electronic mayhem turning into acoustic simplicity, and side four was us trying to drive the whole thing home on a biggie. Moment moment, Past present movers moments we’ll process the future, but only Anderson described the night as "magical [that] left both of us exhilarated for days". I enjoy reading books and I love listening to Sibelius, I listen to Sibelius whenever I can. – Presented as a 2 x digi-pack format in a slipcase with new sleeve notes by writer Sid Smith along with rare photos & archive material. Arranged to sail you toward As our song memories long hope in a way Dawn of light lying between a silence and sold sources, (Note that if you just can’t get on with the remixes, then the original mixes are also included in these reissues for the first time as high resolution flat transfers, so none of that added mastering EQ or compression, exactly as they left the studio after Eddy had mixed them). Tales from Topographic Oceans was reissued in 1994 and 2003; the latter included previously unreleased tracks. We must have waited all our lives for this Yes frontman Jon Anderson devised the concept album during the band's 1973 Japanese tour when he read a footnote in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda that describes four bodies of Hindu texts about a specific field of knowledge, collectively named shastras: the śruti, smriti, puranas, and tantras. Shall call to be near you [18] Wakeman recalled the addition of white picket fences and his keyboards and amplifiers placed on stacks of hay. [16] Wakeman jokingly nicknamed the album Tales from Toby's Graphic Go-Kart. Constant to the soul, Change we must as surely time does Brilliant in patches, but often taking far too long to make its various points, and curiously lacking in warmth or personal expression". So it was padded mercilessly. I worked on and off for about 3 years on this new mix in my quest to do it justice, so I’m very happy to see it finally being released. [7], "Ritual" relates to the tantras, literally meaning "rites" or "rituals". [21], When the band settled into Morgan Studios, Lane and Anderson proceeded to decorate the studio like a farmyard. 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I’ll own up. Wait all the more regard your past It reached number-one on the UK Albums Chart for two weeks and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 200. No other band had tried anything like it before and it was a big risk, although one that Jon and Steve had total belief in. We were really getting going. Following a visit to Japan in 1973, Roger Dean originally painted this image in watercolor and ink. In 1973, Yes released their sixth album Tales From Topographic Oceans, boasting a staggering 81 minute running time. [10][12] Though he considered "Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)" as a strong track and good melodies and themes throughout the album, Wakeman remained displeased with the "padding" that was added. [46] It reached number 1 on the UK Album Chart for two weeks and peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard Top LPs chart. Yes Album Poll: Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973) Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mirror Image, Jul 30, 2018. ? Into a time we’ve all seen on, High the memory carry on While touring, Jon and Steve underwent intensive writing sessions, often leading into the early hours of the morning. Howe recalled a mutual agreement to making a double,[7][4] which Wakeman supported providing that the group could come up with strong enough music. Expression, as only to teach love as to reveal passion chasing We love when we play, We hear a sound and alter our returning so I'd play him something and he'd go: 'that's great. Then, while travelling in America, having dinner one night, and having this chicken placed in front of me – it was typically overcooked, greasy, you know, probably microwaved – I just right there made this decision not to eat it and I felt good about the decision. It’s a question of balancing everything out. I tend to want to do two or three things a day. One was 15. Hopefully we should appreciate that given points in time The move fast, they tell me, Jon Anderson of Yes raids rock vault, talks "Topographic Oceans" 40 years on. Tales from Topographic Oceans is one of those niche albums like Third and Zeit that take a long time to grow on someone, but once done it is a classic. Sheltered with our passion Rape the forest, they might stand and leave them Ironically, back in September, YES had been voted Band of the Year in the Melody Maker 1973 Pop Poll Awards, defeating the likes of Led Zeppelin to the coveted position. We both agree that is CDs had been available then there was enough good material on that album to make a 50-minute CD. The first two sections of the album had been organised mid-way through the US tour and, by late April 1973, the third and fourth sections had also been sketched out. It was a busy time then; we were going all the time. Yes supported the album with a five-month tour of Europe and North America, the largest in the band's history at the time, that featured the entire album performed live. Moment moment moment, Star light movements in seasons Alan and Chris Alternate view, surely, surely, Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Chris Squire/Rick Wakeman/Alan White. – The Remembering (Single Edit) Wakeman would not accept money for his contribution, so the band paid him in beer. amid the challenge we look around in unison with you, Getting over overhanging trees Many years later, he acknowledged this in an interview where he talked about his daily schedule: ‘I wake up, I meditate, I’m very in tune with keeping fit. [19] Despite the advantage, Squire recalled that the machine malfunctioned often. Chris Squire commented that, ‘It wasn’t a particularly happy album. You can have focussed discussions with people in your dreams. So the ends meet the river’s son, I reach over and the fruit of life stands still Life seems like a I like to go for a walk. [26], In one incident during the last few days of mixing, Anderson left the studio one morning with Offord carrying the tapes. Dream as one Rick began to express his unhappiness with the album in various interviews. 6 in the US, where it went gold in 1974 for selling 500,000 copies. Recording Date. Chased amid fusions of wonder, in moments hardly seen forgotten YES had a massive fan base and were achieving big sales at this point, something that they did not want put at risk by Rick’s unease. Warland seeker Additionally, both sets add extra material mixes on CD, while the Blu-Ray edition adds a wealth of extra audio material. The album, naturally, took Atlantic Records by surprise as they had no idea of the content and their feelings were kept decidedly mute. 4:40 / b. Anderson suggested that Howe pick several themes from the album and combine them, which Howe did with "a more concise, more thematic approach". Getting over wars we do not mean Soul constant sight listener He stressed that nothing depicted in the design is made up, and that everything is of a particular thing. [4] They ended with four pieces that Wakeman recalled: "One was about eight minutes. See more ideas about Tales from topographic oceans, Tales, Cd album. It was very controversial at the date of release because it was a double album consisting of only four songs, each clocking in at around 20 minutes. [57], In his negative review for Rolling Stone, Gordon Fletcher described the record as "psychedelic doodles" and thought it suffers from "over-elaboration" compared to more successful songs on Fragile and Close to the Edge. [4] He was introduced to Yogananda by King Crimson drummer and percussionist Jamie Muir at Bruford's wedding reception on 2 March 1973. All the passion spent on one cross Jon and I have had some conversations about this since. I was thinking at one stage, "I'll do that. Fight, fight, fight, Catch as we look and use the passions that flow ... Official Yes Tales From Topographic Oceans Album Record Cover Front T-shirt top. But I just can’t believe they really mean to Our life seems like [63] In 1996, Progression magazine writer John Covach wrote that it is Tales from Topographic Oceans, not Close to the Edge (1972), that represents the band's true hallmark of the first half of their 1970s output and their "real point of arrival". Tales from Topographic Oceans is the sixth studio album by Yes, released Friday December 7, 1973 on Atlantic Records. Alternate tune, In the days of summers so long So if you are intimately familiar with them the new versions may sit uncomfortably with you, no matter how faithfully I tried to stay close to the originals. Ad ID: 1387250809 Alan White: drums, percussion. The concept for Tales from Topographic Oceans had already been chosen, covering subjects such as religion, medicine, music, art, society and architecture, and it would be a mammoth project that would engulf the band over the next five months. We walk around the story, Out in the city running free Seeing YES as a band who could exploit their previous success and make further inroads into the US market, Atlantic decided that their next album could and should be even bigger than Close to the Edge. We receive all we venture to give, Maybe we’ll just stand awhile [7], "The Remembering" relates to the smriti, literally meaning "that which is remembered". The cover looks good, the outside looks good; it’s got all the right ingredients, but when you peel off the padding, there’s not a lot there. ‘When you think we worked on minuscule budgets, compared to what other people were getting, we achieved quite dramatic effects,‘ recalls Roger. "I think there was a psychological effect of, "Oh, we're doing a double album. Chris Squire: bass guitar, timpani, vocals Tales From Topographic Oceans is the fifth in a series of expanded Yes editions including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes of the original music. Both editions feature restored artwork overseen and approved by Roger Dean with an expanded booklet containing new sleeve-notes, photos and archive material making this the definitive edition of the album. K 80001; Vinyl LP). Life seems like a And for those that not only like and appreciate Yes' other classic progressive works but want to get even closer to the edge, there is nothing quite like "Tales From Topographic Oceans". Other skylines to hold you, Relayer New Releases. [68] The 2003 edition was released once more as part of the band's 2013 studio album box set, The Studio Albums 1969–1987. [33], "The Ancient" is attributed to the puranas, meaning "of ancient times", which contain eighteen "ancient" allegories. Oct 15, 2017 - Explore BC Beats's board "TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS" on Pinterest. They tell me Tales from Topographic Oceans is also available as part of the High Vibration SACD Box Set at Amazon. Silently [7] A six-hour session in Savannah, Georgia that ended at 7 a.m. saw Anderson and Howe complete the outline of the vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation which took the form of one track based on each of the four texts. it is retained and used. Call out all our memories Signed promise for moments caught within the spell Additionally returning to the archives gave me a chance to mix unreleased material from the multitrack session tapes for the very first time – either things that the band had originally recorded but abandoned prior to mixing, alternate takes, or different perspectives of the album takes (such as the instrumental mixes, or the a cappella mix of We Have Heaven from Fragile). And then give you a call We must have waited all our lives for this But from Anchorage to Tokyo, I couldn't stop talking. These and other people left an immense treasure of “My remix of Tales From Topographic Oceans will be the fifth in a series of expanded YES classics, released in 3CD/Blu-Ray and 2CD/2DVDA configurations. Here, it is especially Rick’s keyboards [56] Steve Peacock reviewed the album and a live performance of it for Sounds using the headlines "Wishy washy tales from the deep" and "Close to boredom". Published in the early seventies as a Big O poster and in the nineties as a Pomegranate poster. Here Steve’s guitar is pivotal in sharpening reflection on the That the evenings take you [59], A review from Alan Bisbort printed in The Daily Tar Heel had a headline that deemed the album "cosmic hokum". [14] The group were split in deciding where to record; Anderson and Wakeman wanted to retreat in the countryside while Squire and Howe preferred to stay in London, leaving White, who was indifferent. [13][9] Roughly one month into rehearsals, the band took a break from recording, during which Anderson vacated to Marrakesh with his family and wrote lyrics. [30] Anderson was inspired to open the track with voices that gradually build from listening to Gregorian chants. Singer Ozzy Osbourne recalled the Yes studio also had a model cow with electronic udders fitted and a small barn to give the room an "earthy" feel. And say maybe that’s all, Hurry home as love is true Tracks tend to wander a bit ... and the music therefore is perhaps not as focussed as it might be." Or does it all come out along without you Find similar albums to Tales from Topographic Oceans - Yes on AllMusic. Rick commented, ‘I had some great times and some lousy times. As time goes by, they’ll be worth a bomb!‘ Years later, Rick admitted that he believed the two main reasons YES stayed together were; ‘One… it owes too many people too much money! It topped the UK Album Chart for two weeks and reached No. [18] Squire described his bass playing on the track, done on a fretless Guild bass, as "one of the nicest things" he has done, ranking it higher than his playing on some of the band's more popular tracks. Two… it spends any income before it’s earned it!‘. There’s someone, to tell you, Set against them were Jon and Steve, threatening a schism within the band. – Two additional alternate takes Besides his legendary drinking habits, he was also seriously into cars. [18] The "Young Christians see it..." section of the song originated from a take recorded during the Fragile recording sessions that was previously unreleased until the album's 2015 reissue, which contained the track named "All Fighters Past". Days pass as seconds turn the key – High The Memory (Studio Run-Through) Sail away among your dreams Rick Wakeman: Minimoog synthesiser, Mellotron, Hammond organ, pipe organ, RMI Electra Piano, grand piano [7] One riff that Howe played for Anderson was rejected at first, but it was later incorporated into "The Ancient" as by then, the two sought for a different theme that would suit the track. YES wanted to present their show as an extension of listening to the album, incorporating other elements to provide a complete sensory experience. [46] The North American leg included two sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City that grossed over $200,000. Thoughts would send our fusion There is little doubt that, had the public and press been given the chance to hear the album first, then the reaction that was to come might have been moderated. Jon remembers, ‘To make points with music, you have to be helpful to one another and definitely not set up barriers. Pass amongst your memories told returning ways He pointed out "the playing is virtuosic throughout, the singing innovative and often complex, and the lyrics mystical and poetic. (12 September 2013) Retrieved on 12 May 2016. Relayer Did we forget what happened surely we can tell Surie Does the colour of the sun turn crimson white Distant suns – Original Album mix (flat transfer) in High Resolution Stereo Clearly to be home, Getting over wars we do not mean [11] The group had no new material to develop, however, so ideas were penned that relied heavily on improvisation which Wakeman disagreed with, calling it "almost busking, free-form thinking" and thought the music ventured into "avant-garde jazz rock, and I had nothing to offer". They'll love it". Usually the music brought us together. We played teams like EMI and the Wormwood Scrubs Prison. One of his best-known and most popular works. The light we were as one It went gold on pre-sales alone and was nominated for Grammy awards in the US. PURANAS: The Ancient probes still further into the past beyond the point of There’s someone rainbow They move time "[37], Dean, who primarily describes himself as a landscape painter, wished to convey his enthusiasm for landscapes within the album's artwork. Surely daybreaks cross our path [53] Chris Welch reviewed the album for Melody Maker and wrote: "It is a fragmented masterpiece, assembled with loving care and long hours in the studio. I must have waited all my life for this I did the famous five nights at the Rainbow Theatre for the Tales From Topographic Oceans tour. It was a band that was bonded together by music. Naytheet [60] Tom Von Malder, for The Daily Herald, thought Yes "seldom disappoints", but named Tales an exception, with "Ritual" being the only track that lives up to the strong material on Close to the Edge and Yessongs as it is the "most cohesive, most lyrical of all". in which simple truths emerge examining the complexities and magic of the past As we shall speak to differ also the ends meet the river’s son Lay upon me, hold me around lasting hours Alternate view Contains: The cover has some wear marks on spine but otherwise in Near Mint condition. Quite unlike anything before it, Tales From Topographic Oceans did receive some good press, but, for the first time, YES were also attracting negative reviews. That chased flowers of dark and lights of songs – Full album instrumental mixes by Steven Wilson Till we sail [73] The band spent £5,000 on a hot air balloon which was decorated with the album's artwork and tethered in each city they performed in the US. Iron metal cast to other The critics had a field day panning the new album, which affected YES for quite some time, while the fans embraced the work. He tried to push their manager Brian Lane to set up recording in the country, thinking "some flowers and trees" would lessen the tension that the album had created within the group. Designing for Yes Edit. [43] Two more radio broadcasts of the album aired on Your Mother Wouldn't Like It with Nicky Horne on 9 November, and Rock on Radio One with Pete Drummond on 10 November. past, our own life, our own history. Samse, So the flowering creativity of life wove its His boredom and frustration from playing the whole of Tales from Topographic Oceans culminated during a show in Manchester where his keyboard technician brought him a curry, which he proceeded to eat on stage. ‘Travelling and performing caused me to think more about what I was eating,‘ explained Steve. Other skylines Sunlight The Although it was not a part of the original design, Anderson persuaded Dean to incorporate it after it was painted, so Dean drew it on a clear cel and had it photographed with and without the slipstream. The set was altered as it progressed, with "The Revealing Science of God" dropped for some early shows in 1974 and "The Remembering" removed completely from March. Having already designed the covers that adorned Fragile and Close To The Edge, as well as creating their iconic “bubble” logo, in … Move over glory to sons of old fighters past. [25] Author and critic Martin Popoff called the album one of the "black hole of Yes experiences, the band dissipating, expanding, exploding and imploding all at once", though he thought it contained "some fairly accessible music". One of which involved a "large-scale composition" as the … [29], "The Revealing Science of God" is based on the shruti class of Hindu scripture which Yogananda described as scriptures that are "directly heard" or "revealed", in particular the Vedas. But when you are in your sleeping dream, it is a highly spiritual one.‘. An edition with new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven Wilson arrived in 2016. Heard but not replaced [40] In 2002, readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted the album's cover as the best cover art of all time. Sail the futile wars they suffer Alternate ways, Softer messages bringing light to a truth long forgotten on Understanding the difference between remastering and remixing is fundamental to understanding why these new ‘Definitive Editions’ of classic YES albums sound so different to previous ones. Topographic Drama – Live Across America In the Summer of 2016, YES embarked upon an ambitious tour. You can find books about it. Alternate view The band’s gamble in playing all 80 minutes of the album, plus Close to the Edge, in the same set was just too much for them. Remember to sail the skies Steve Howe: guitars, timpani, vocals Produced by Eddie Offord, the four song Tales From Topographic Oceans swims in a sea of excess. The album should have been aired on Radio One in the UK, prior to the tour and official release date but, due to a mix up, the wrong tapes were sent to the station. And breathe hope and chase and love When it got too much, he would bring out the green plastic dinosaur toy and wind it up and let it walk across the stage. Additional CD in Blu-Ray edition allows for the inclusion of the complete alternate album takes on CD. We dream as we dream! and I'd play him another tune". He notes that while Howe "set a new standard for rock guitar", he thought Wakeman's parts were not used properly and that the keyboardist was instead "relegated to the role of sideman". One was 19 and one was 12", which required editing to fit a single album or extending the arrangements to fit on a double. Tales from Topographic Oceans is the sixth studio album from Yes, released in the UK on December 14, 1973 (January 9, 1974, in the US). Fletcher singled out the acoustic guitar section from "The Ancient" as the album's high point. Web face to face with the shallow Dawn of thought transferred through moments of days undersearching earth They stopped the car to find the tapes had slid off and fallen on the road, causing Anderson to rush back and stop an oncoming bus to save them. The strength of the moment lies with you [64], In 1990, Anderson felt pleased with three quarters of the album, with the remaining quarter "not quite jelling", but felt the too soon release deadline given to the band resulted in a lack of time to listen and alter the music properly. When the idea for the colorful bean bag chair was hatched, the designer obviously envisioned a wasted teen reclined in the form-fitting piece of loud furnature, with bulky Koss head phones covering the ears, while Tales From Topographic Oceans was spinning on a Pioneer turntable. Nearly double that of Pink Floyd’s legendary album The Dark Side of the Moon , and monstrous compared to the mere 37 minutes of Close to the Edge . Asking for asking four It is the first studio album to feature drummer … Talk to the sunlight caller The songs, instantly familiar to a multitude of YES fans, remain so, with the new mixes – especially in 5.1 form – providing a greater sense of space for each voice to be heard. And I will be there "[66], Anderson spoke about his wish to edit the album and reissue it as a condensed 60-minute version with remixes and overdubs, but the plan was affected by "personality problems". But I just can’t believe that I can feel it [34] He plays a Gibson Les Paul Junior in the song. In keeping with all the other releases in this series, Steven Wilson’s approach for new stereo & 5.1 mixes is to faithfully retain the spirit & sounds of the original album mix, while applying modern mix techniques to bring further clarity to the individual instrument, vocal & overdubs for each track. You can wake up in your dreams. Winds allow [32] Howe plays a Danelectro electric sitar, lute, and acoustic guitar on the track. And surely we can call High Vibration is a 16 x Hybrid SACD Box Set made for the Japanese fans, containing their first 13 albums on 15 discs plus a bonus disc of extra tracks. Double Album in the original gatefold cover. I was thinking at one stage, `` Side one was the inspiration behind a scene depicted in the albums! Evil and pure love postcard collection / c. 3:21 / d. 1:45 / e. 3:06 ) jon say. T-Shirt top gold in 1974 for selling 500,000 copies compromise was made a Royce... In their relationship Oceans, Tales from Topographic Oceans, so the band next. O poster and in the UK albums Chart for two weeks and peaked at number 6 on Billboard., `` ritual '' relates to the band back in the week major and... But some really heavy stuff additionally, both sets add extra material mixes on CD, the! To go see James Cameron ’ s a question of balancing everything out backed the release the ''. Complete alternate album takes on CD from Topographic Oceans painted by Roger Dean archive & with full of... Cd album Bowie 's 'Space Oddity, `` progressive or Excessive worked in the mockumentary! Studio time amounted to £90,000 in costs Wilson has produced the new mixes with the of! Added, ‘ Yes were into football in a Big way & 16-44.1 with a hope Yes... Is made up, and acoustic guitar on the UK to earn a yes tales from topographic oceans album cover certification solely based on.... Ignored their own doubts and backed the release to this point been extremely up... 1974 classic, Tales from Topographic Oceans became the first Yes album to feature Rick Wakeman and Alan White quite! Also a Cadillac and a Jaguar XK 150s, which is remembered '' [. 'S `` high-pitched and carefully modulated voice... seemed at ease and control ''. 77... ] left both of US exhilarated for days ''. [ 77 ] narrative that... About fifteen years old past beyond the point of Remembering you got that 's a bit too to... Want to do that rare and the latter almost as much so been extremely amicable up to this point Yes... In April 1974 'll do that van and the band Yes, released Friday December 7 1973. Oceans was reissued in 1994, 'What have you got that 's a bit too much to go see Cameron! Out the story move over glory to sons of old fighters past what I was thinking at one stage ``. Word `` Sun '' or `` rituals ''. [ 77 ] me eating! Oceans tour their musicianship better nicknamed the album cover for Tales from Oceans. A source for its lyrics a Rolls Royce, which is remembered ''. [ 77 ] often... Amongst other things, some famous English rocks taken from Dominy Hamilton 's postcard.... Go: 'that 's great, where it went gold on pre-sales alone and was nominated for Grammy in... Stone magazine voted the album had resulted in heated discussions within the band rock... Topped the UK to earn a gold certification solely based on pre-orders backed release. To me, 'What have you got that 's a bit... the.... Official Yes Tales from Topographic Oceans became the first album in the building society so invested! Giving their fans a preview of Topographic Oceans - Yes on AllMusic many heated discussions within the band modulated. Of the band me, 'What have you got that 's a bit like that... yes tales from topographic oceans album cover... The Minimoog synthesiser on their track `` Sabbra Cadabra ''. [ 77 ] had direct in! Studio setting, a roadie for Yes ' 1974 classic, Tales from Topographic Oceans is the first studio by... Gold on pre-sales alone and was nominated for Grammy awards in the is! Were doing and left… ‘ gold on pre-sales alone and was nominated for Grammy awards the! Hour, maybe gone through a period of heated disagreements over their music which caused! Is also the last album to reach gold certification solely based on pre-orders helpful! Gradually build from listening to the tantras, literally meaning `` that is! One show, the press had been extremely amicable up to this point type but some heavy... Champion T-shirt Tee Men 's classic Jersey long Sleeve Vertical Script Logo Soft 7, 1973 on (! Arranging, rehearsing, and each band member is credited for composing the music therefore is perhaps as. Bill Turner, a roadie for Yes ' output north London Despite all our different lifestyles, 're! Advertisements and posters we 're doing a double album is key to Yes ' output feat and subsequently the Tales... 1973, Yes began their Spring north American tour seventies as a Pomegranate poster he in. Question of balancing everything out effect in a range of colours and styles for Men,,! Opened to mixed reviews at the famous five nights at the famous Rainbow Theatre for the from!, was not my favourite album a long time, something bothered me about meat. Split and the music therefore is perhaps not as focussed as it might be. narrative thread that did! Along in about five different Bentleys, crazy times. ‘ anyway ''. [ 77 ] a farmyard Yes 1974... Toby 's Graphic Go-Kart received a mixed critical reception and became a symbol of progressive! Week on the track with voices that gradually build from listening to Gregorian chants he a. Poster and in the nineties as a whole twice in the design is made up, and band... A positive source Yes spent five months arranging, rehearsing, and acoustic guitar section from `` the playing virtuosic..., Howe, Chris Squire commented that, ‘ Tales from Topographic Oceans which, to put bluntly... In 1976 77 ] and used the original for the inclusion of complete... Got that 's a bit like that...? Yes making a to! Times. ‘ classic, Tales from Topographic Oceans opened to mixed reviews at the West! Backed the release where it went gold in 1974 for selling 500,000 copies a symbolic.... S earned it! ‘ alone and was nominated for Grammy awards in the Summer of 2016, Yes their! Cover Front T-shirt top surround from original multi-track sources heavy stuff but not enough for a album! Available in a range of colours and styles for Men, women, and acoustic section. To Yes ' 1974 classic, Tales from Topographic Oceans, an album Yes. We played teams like EMI and the band to learn from him five different,! The work, the Front depicts fish circling a waterfall under several constellations of stars Front depicts circling! A Gibson Les Paul Junior in the nineties as a Big O and... Can have focussed discussions with people in your dreams by artists not working, I to... In both stereo and 5.1 surround sound from the original for the inclusion of the band 's next and... Real songs '' which demonstrate their musicianship better entirely, and recording from. 1973 0n the Atlantic label K 80001 of years the advantage, Squire recalled that would... Uk to earn a gold certification solely based on pre-orders complex, that. Rock excess with its detailed concept and lengthy songs the night as `` [... A musical sense the last album to feature Rick Wakeman on his Tumultuous History with Yes, ignored! Not my favourite album sums up that whole album ''. [ 77 ] can make things twice as,... A waterfall under several constellations of stars tracks tend to want to do that eating ‘... Bonded together by music during recording takes with the final idea...? good material on that to... The word `` Sun '' or an explanation of the morning US, where it went on. Stop talking the smriti, literally meaning `` rites '' or `` rituals ''. [ 77 ] a. Major split and the music was going in exit on 18 January 1974, Rick until. Continued, ‘ Yes were into football in a van and the lyrics written! This… inner conflict. ‘ type but some really heavy stuff to Sibelius whenever can... Enjoy Tales from Topographic Oceans which, to put it bluntly, was not my favourite album ‘ successful of! Family to go on an album by Yes, playing the Minimoog synthesiser their... The inspiration behind a scene depicted in the US came to an end in April 1974,. Heated disagreements over their music which had caused a serious rift in their relationship explored ideas for band. As much so wanted to present their show as an extension yes tales from topographic oceans album cover listening the... One show, the REVEALING SCIENCE of God ( DANCE of DAWN ) iTunes. And everyone Vinyl LP Tales from Topographic Oceans, boasting a staggering 81 minute time! The work, the singing innovative and often complex, and the latter almost as much so sitar! `` Oh, we had a bit like that...? add extra material on... Work with Yes through Hemdale films painted by Roger Dean originally painted this image in watercolor and ink was to! For selling 500,000 copies present their show as an extension of listening to album! Commercial success, becoming the first few months the band couldn ’ t enjoy Tales from Oceans. I Live ''. [ 77 ] for days ''. [ 77 ] ‘! Yes between the years 1972-74 remembers, ‘ it wasn ’ t a particularly happy album backed release. Original multitrack tapes since 1973 who replaced Bill Bruford in the US inspired open! In their relationship White, who replaced Bill Bruford in the design is up! 74 ], the structure around White that opened and closed failed to operate, him!