Appreciate the help. '' Because they also had lots of support skills they also needed to keep an eye on allied health. Dropping a Shade hits a group with 2300 Fire damage -- and if I traited Dhuumfire I could get another 1700 Fire damage. Life force is the necromancer's resource that fuels Death Shroud and Reaper's Shroud.Life force is gained when players or NPCs die nearby (providing 10% life force per death, approximately within a range of 1,200 units) and through certain skills. Like I said arenanet should think 10x before nerfing classes for PVE, if they nerf PVP is understandable but PVE... and I hope they can fix the chatting for tempest-elem asap cause i stopped playing mine and I am seriously thinking making a necro as my main because again like I said I dont want to turn off the chatting because I like it. Its for PVE content like open world and etc. But raids don't work like that. It's good to cleave downs and sometimes fun to go rampage in enemy backline, but if you want to contribute more for the zerg, play scourge. My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. I loathe renegade for the same reason, too high rampup time. i think one of the issue i have is the weapon, i tend to stick on axe/warhorn too much regardless of the mode i play... i have a greatsword but i rarely switch to it ... just wondering am i doing it entirely wrong? Hey Moxxi you should be bright orange, because this body... is LEGENDARY!''. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I'm not a high-end player, but the tooltip on Torch 4 reads 4600 Fire damage on up to 5 targets, plus 1900 Torment (2800 if moving). Lots of things to keep track of such as enemy placement, health, energy, minions, party health. I know but they should have one elite specialization focused more on RANGED attack instead heal/support or melee combat.. well thats my opinion. If you are considering competitive modes This video is unavailable. I'll take the slower dps fo the boon stripping/barriers/might delivery, which can help the group overall. Scourge is good for condi builds, reaper is good for power builds. Yeah, me too for the most part. But if you do decide to take Demonic lore you effectively get a massive amount of field control which is invaluable in mobs. It's better in open-world, pretty good in fractals (scourge is complete garbage in fractals since the burst damage is trash), and probably on par overall with scourge in raids (scourge is good for certain encounters due to epidemic but otherwise it's low DPS). I don’t know why. Arena net hoped onto the fad of kirbification which we saw a lot of in games releasing around that time and necromancer from gw1 was a difficult to use and understand profession. Which this especially includes reaper. Second reason i hate the scourge is because it's a very poor spec for power builds. While not the highest DPS build, this build provides decent sustained DPS and ridiculously strong AoE cleave with Epidemic. Please watch: "How to quit work, travel, and game using Youtube and Lyft" --~--CHECK OUT MY NEW SERIES HERE !! IF you want both but dont want to do say HoT hero points and instead do PoF hero points because they are easier you can always make 2 necro characters and make 1 a reaper and 1 a scourge and you have both all you have to do is swap toons. I average between 12 to 23k Dps depending on the fight. Scourge is still powerful in open pve with a proper gear, if u want a easy life just go full viper+nightmare runes. Reaper is overall stronger. Both can excel, but the more simplistic straightforward nature of Reaper lends its-self to open world PvE. Everything on scepter warhorn has 15+ seconds. the mobs combat system inst designed to react to conditions spammers at medium range, with Scourge is even possible solo various champs. A Scourge build that brings heavy support in raids and fractals. Power Scourge brings extremely high power damage with good spikes and sustained damage potential, along with the usual Scourge boon corrupts. To be honest scourge can do some nice condi burst and its not really an issue on its part just more so that necro has some of the slowest dps ramp in the game both on power and condi. Reaper is good enough for most game modes and support-Scourge is ok in group/squad content but neither are really meta for specific content types anymore. Whilst Power Reaper lacks single-target damage in most situations, its strengths make it useful for encounters with split phases and multiple adds. Reaper will be easier to get running because its a bit more basic imo and it will prob be easier to learn different mechanics of different parts of the game while playing it. Scourge takes far too much effort to play compared to Reaper. The awesome freedom of choosing gear stats that reaper enjoys due to huge crit chance boosts in traits is gone here. Well we can see that 98% preffer reaper over scourge hehe. Scourge can take a bit more effort if you are new to necro in general and even I cant play it in every situation where mechanics need to be focused more over damage. Scourge is very strong in group play. Reaper isn't as far as effective in zergs. They should think 3x times before nerfing PVE content or try not to nerf too much, if is to nerf PVP, WVW I understand, but PVE... some kind of nerfs end up ruining a certain class making the players stop playing with them, same goes for some 'bugs' like the chating i just mention. Scourge is good for condi builds, reaper is good for power builds. All rights reserved. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. viper? Reaper is a basically a warrior without the support aspect and much slower. I feel like Scourge is reasonably effective close-up -- though perhaps not in melee -- and at range, while Reaper is pretty much melee. I like core builds too specially for thief and ranger, althow I still dont have a rang lv 80 but i intend to have one and if I do probably will be core cause I dont like druid and Bsoul is melee so I intend to have a RANGED character. (And for "Shroud Skill 1" traits, which a Scourge does by deploying the shade.) On scourge, I use axe / torch with either scepter / focus, scepter / dagger or staff as needed. @Druitt.7629 said: A condition DPS and utility build for Scourge. I would probably kick players out of my squad that tell me they play Scourge because they die too much on Reaper since Reaper is already incredibly tanky in PvE. Reapers are often associated with the human god Grenth, most notably the Seven Reapers. I run with the trait that gives you lf whilst in combat with GS wielded. However, its effectiveness falls off in o… I run with axe/focus (or warhorn) on one, greatsword on other. The best comparison to scourge in gw2 terms is like an engineer with greater field control. Scourge, MES, SB, DE all > Reaper. So yeah, fun is subjective. Scourge in WvW is actually very strong in organized group play, but suffers in roaming. I'll run GS and if/when things get dicey, go shroud and wipe the area. My guild added “Take a shot when you see a Necro in Chaos Gloves and Reaper Hood” to our Guild Wars 2 drinking game. My PvE necro has a scourge build for fractals and a reaper build for open world. Thanks for the help guys I went to reaper now and i do not regret one bit, the dmg is great just by wearing greatsword and it skills and my character is not even full geared, the mechanics are easier and simpler than scourge which requires some more practice. Yeah you still have to grind the hero points twice but still PoF hero points if you know where to go + mounts can take you 30 mins or less to unlock a single full elite, Also keep eyes out for hero point trains in the looking for group HoT areas and PoF areas which can speed things up considerably depending on the group and commander. It should be noted that most of the healing is in the form of barrier, which isn't reduced by Agony (in fractals) and makes it easier to maintain Superior Rune of the Scholar uptime. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 01:03. Is it the PvE endgame: Raids and T4 Fractals? While not the highest DPS build, this build provides decent sustained DPS and ridiculously strong AoE cleave with Epidemic. The fun factor for me is based on how much personal engagement I must put into each of them. I have two necros just to I could have Reaper and Scourge. Few dare to walk into scourge's aoe and take a prolonged fight with him in it. As for ease of use, this is completely false. Reaper is best focused with power weapons, greatsword, axe, warhorn, or even daggers if you want. Hollts 20,560 views. If you're a big team player that wants to shield/heal his allies while having great boon corrupts, some party might and aoe everything around you to death, then scourge is for you. Both are good options for open world so long as you build them right and use the right weapons. Reaper is power which is better in open world/Dungeons/Fractals (you kill things too fast for condi) and reaper is the best for self might/vulne/quick, making it perfect for solo/non opti pug groups Scourge is a really good spec to starting raid (easy to play, Epidemic help a lot in many fight, barrier is always good) level 1 @Uden Reavstone.3426 said: Reaper is much better in open world PvE. If it's for open world in general: I would go for Reaper. In any case, you'll do fine with either spec; Reaper will be better at Power damage builds, and as a result slightlybetter in PvE open world and story missions. Grab your Reaper, spawn your minions and problem solved. In a controlled setting I hit between 20-24k last I checked. Which can make it both more satisfying and mor frustrating to use when compared to reaper. Its a bit of an apples & oranges comparison, though. Condition Scourge is a relatively easy build to learn but can be tricky to master due to a heavy requirement of management and placement. Scourges normal DPS/utility build is viper. Uhhhh I got a lotta clips so here, have another video :p Nah but seriously this is my first GvG ever so I kinda suck (I think??) Scourge is more in line with what the necromancer used to do in gw1. Both are good options for open world so long as you build them right and use the right weapons. Scourge is good but I much prefer Shroud over Shades. Mechanics []. I would not go for the class Necro at all, really! What sleep is here? Hmm thanks for your input...from the way it sounds, I think reaper suits my playstyle better, however I’m not too used to gsword and most of the time I’m on axe/warhorn...I know gsword deals massive damage but I often put myself at risk dying to boss/mobs on melee...ended up im mostly using axe/warhorn...think it’s not the best way to play a reaper but I have tried... You do realize you have two weapon sets on a necro (seeing you're ele). At the same time, it seems like I have a fair amount of access to Burning and Torment as well. It far exceeds Reaper when in group content. Now that we have build templates why not have both? I prefer the higher engagement and challenge that glassy casters provide me which is why I tend to favor a more glassy necromancer design in other games. It just sucked but now its coming into light for a lot of people! Now imagine the concept of running around stabbing things to death with dagger (greatsword is reaper only!) I can see Lucian's comment: I used to love/hate Shaman in WoW because of totem-plopping. . Scourge worked well for my rp Necromancer until they nerfed the sand shades, and now it's hard to feel effective with it. 3.1 Reaper; 3.2 Scourge; Skills. This makes it an excellent healer in a fractal group that already ha… So I prefer Scourge, though I'm pretty casual and usually open world or dabble in WvW. I talked with someone asking around about builds since i mistakenly used the wrong type of build knowing all to well water isn't used for dps but had it anyways for the vuln. You don't need to like scourge. Scourge really needs people like another scourge, a firebrand, or a tempest on its back 24/7 to protect it. It also brings heavy CC and Vulnerability similar to Holosmith - Power DPS. But scourge has the biggest ramp up time of all Condi classes. Reaper's niche is that it has a huge health pool for a DPS class, and sustains very high personal Quickness, Might, and critical chance. Death Shroud depletes life force and ends when it … Plus, if there are enough enemies, seeing a screen fill up with damage points like a cluster bomb while I'm out of the mix brings a smile to my face. ... Staff works very well with weaver who has 3 seconds CD on attunements and more than 50 skills to spam, the only long cooldown skills for fire staff are the 4 and 5 the rest are okay. Scourge is mainly a utility class and excels in encounters where it can play to its strengths, namely Epidemic and defensive support. Rangers is not an archer alone. Dying in PvE on Reaper in melee range on GS is a L2P issue. Would you guys help me to decide please? Reaper in that regard is a continuation of the kirbification new gw philosophy that alienated the gw1 fan base. Took a break Midway through hot. This is however comparing Power reaper to Condi Scourge. DPS is key there, if you kill fast enough, you have a lot less chance to be killed, and Reaper has quite a nice AoE burst! I embrace it. I stop playing my supposely tempest elem not cuz of any nerf but because of the annoying chating when charging the prof skills(F1-F2 ETC), I dont want to turn off the chating cuz i like it but really spamming chating EVERYTIME on mount/dismount, no way. In open world pve it really doesn't matter what you pick - both will be ok . © 2021 ArenaNet, LLC. Scourge is more of a support-oriented spec, whereas Reaper is a more fully DPS-oriented spec. Reaper I personally find much too shallow and facerolly for my personal taste while scourge forces my active participation in the game. "Solo-ing" champions: Both, but I'd prefer Scourge with a hybrid setup (condi and healing) a. Map meta events: Both, but imo hybrid Scourge is more helpful to the squad, with Epidemic, powerful ressing, barriers, etc. It also deals relatively high ranged damage and isn't reliant on Mightor … Because of this the question of which is better or more fun, that depends on the perspective of the user. 6. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. But I agree with Lily that it's not a big deal. thank you, its more for open world and things like that the pvp, competitive part i rather to leave for warrior and thief who are the king of pvp xD. Just returning to the game. I have two Necro's one for WvW and one for PVE both run two different builds one reaper one scourge. @ugrakarma.9416 said: Reaper is more straightforward in terms of usage than scourge tho, both aren't overall complicated that much. Here is my list of characters i got so far: Elementalist 80 with tempest:Talman nul In PvP modes you're doing it right, most of the times it's better to stay on axe, GS is more a utility/finisher weapon in my opinion.