Established in 1988

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The Bedson family in South America has developed business opportunities over years and had the vision to identify and explore new avenues in international trading and product development. Oscar Bupo, Argentine born chief executive officer of Bedson, arrived in South Africa with the academic knowledge and the drive to set up his own successful business in South Africa. He met his wife, Mexican born Dinorah Bupo, while she was visiting one of the South American Embassies in South Africa. She joined him in building the Bedson business in South Africa.

When one meets Oscar, a well experienced and humble man, one soon gathers why Bedson has done as well as it has since its formation in SA. A trained forestry scientist, formerly associated with the CSIR, Bupo has a deep and abiding love for the created natural world, a world he maintains must be nurtured and cared for rather than pillaged for all its worth. As part of Bedson's social responsibility, Dinorah Bupo has initiated various sponsorship programmes. Oscar & Dinorah started with humble beginnings and worked themselves up to the success story that Bedson has become known for today.