Established in 1988


Forestal Mifensur
Forestal Mifensur is an environmentally responsible, sustainable, supplier of native and exotic woods, and value-added products for local and international markets.
Wood Products
Wood Products delivers products for flooring, decking and wood drying for the furniture industry, which enables us to reach local and international markets.
Bedson Timbers
Importer, processor and distributor of exotics, hardwoods and value added products and environmental vanguard; Bedson Timbers grow and procure pristine quality to ensure optimal results in flooring, decking, mouldings, structures and furnishings.
Bedson Flooring & Décor
Bedson Flooring & Décor provide value added products and environmental vanguard to grow and procure pristine quality to ensure optimal results in hardwood flooring, decking, mouldings, and prefinished flooring.
Bupo Animal Health

Bupo Animal Health (Pty) Ltd offer a wide range of unique and innovative solutions to improve all production parameters in poultry, cattle and swine...

We are a responsible supplier of registered medication and also offer exceptional natural products which ensures nutritional support and overall healthy animals, enabling our clients to meet their timelines and livestock production targets.

Bedson Africa
Bupo East Africa
Bedson Egypt
Bedson Maghreb
Bupo Mozambique
Bupo Nigeria

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